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Hi - Welcome to my Web Site !

Glad you stopped by to visit my Site. At the moment, the main contents of my Web Pages is a rather extensive collection of Web Links with special Link Pages for Live Web Cameras from around the World, Computing and Web Programming, Search Engines of all types and country-specific, Art and Photography, Formula One and Music, especially for Neil Young. Some Online Games are included. Many visitors also come for my Oktoberfest Page with my Oktoberfest Message Board. I will attempt to complete my Photo Collection from many places in the World and my Sightseeing Page.
The Alce (moose) related Photo Pages together with the funny Alce Pinboard's may be of special interest. Test it! You'll also find everything you should know about Alce's. I'm sure you will also like the lovely Alce's.
One interesting Web Page is the one dealing with Astronomy and the 11th August 1999 Total Sun Eclipse, including my own Eclipse Photo Story. I have been lucky to watch this unique event at Lake Chiemsee in Bavaria.
My actual Web Status is Online Indicator. You may contact me using my ICQ Message Panel below or access the Pop Up Panel from the left Index Button or Navigation Bar. If I'm online, your Message will even directly pop up on my Computer Screen here in Munich. Do you like to send an Internet Greeting Card?
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